Urban Food

For our first assignment, Professor Beatty had us head out into the neighborhood surrounding La Salle. With only a camera and a keen sense of observation, we had to take pictures of anything having to do with the phrase ‘urban food’. Below, you will find my interpretation of this concept.




This picture was taken with a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. In the photo is New China, located on the corner of Olney and Ogontz. New China is a corner store type food place selling “Chinese and American Food,” among other miscellaneous grocery store items like single rolls of toilet paper, candy, chips, soda, and cleaning supplies. Any La Salle student who has felt hunger pains at two in the morning should be familiar with New China and their Asian-North Philly fusion cuisine. Favorite dishes include Seseme Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Pizza Rolls, Cheesesteak Rolls, and the world famous General Tso’s Chicken. I took this photo around 3:00 on a tuesday afternoon, so the tiny shop was packed with La Salle students and Central High School students alike. 3240 x 4320 pixels


Any La Salle student exiting the main campus through the front gates will be familiar with this mobile, steel-plated grease trap known as the Lunch Truck. The heavenly aroma that emenates from this tiny frialator on wheels is one of the first smells that greets new students, and alumni can still recall that first bite of a $2.50 breakfast hoagie after an 8am class.  Arguably two of the hardest working people on La Salle’s campus, a husband and wife team, arrive at La Salle every weekday morning just as the sun pokes above Broad Street, and leave as night begins to settle in. In their tiny kitchen on wheels, the duo sells Philly classics like scapple, cheesesteaks, pretzels, and more all at college wallet-friendly prices. 3240 x 4320 pixels


I took this photo at the apartments on the corner of Ogontz, 18th, and Broad streets, across from Central High School. Whatever Steve’s Cafe was, one must assume Steve has fallen into some hard times. Boarded in by graffitied steel grates, one imagines a rusting kitchen traversed by scuttling cockroaches and tipped over dining room chairs and tables draped with cobwebs. Aside from a couple of students waiting for SEPTA, there was little going on out front of the cafe. 3240 x 4320 pixels


This photo of Hershey’s Grocery located on the corner of 19th and Chew. It was hard to tell is the store was opened or closed, although the unrepaired sign seems to be a hint. 3240 x 4320 pixels


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Hi! My name is Alyssa and I'm a senior English major at La Salle University.
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One Response to Urban Food

  1. lukelong210 says:

    This is addressing the last two photos. I have walked past both of these spots several times in my three and a half years here at LaSalle and have always wondered about them. I think it is ashame that the corner store can no longer thrive because there are several other coner stores still opporating in the area. As for Steve’s Cafe, I wonder if it “died” after LaSalle got rid of the apartments. As far as I know, they used to be student housing and if so I think it is plausible that it was once thriving with student based market.

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